What are the laws regarding physician dispensing?

With proper credentialing and compliance with state-by-state requirements, physician dispensing is legal in 45 of 50 states. The following states carry different restrictions, but physicians are still able to dispense: New York, Massachusetts, Montana, and Texas. Utah is the only state where physician dispensing is not currently legal.

Is there special licensing required to dispense?

In addition to a DEA and State Medical license most states require a physician to obtain a Dispensing Practitioner credential from the state regulatory board. AADP™ will complete all the necessary dispensing licensing and credentialing documents required for you to dispense.

What is the potential revenue my practice can earn?

Profitability will be determined by volume. Your practice can earn $50,000 to over $100,000 depending on the size and type of the practice and the number of prescriptions written. Use the Revenue calculator to estimate the potential revenue for your practice!

Can I process a patient’s medication using their prescription insurance?

Yes, our DxRx© software has the ability to adjudicate cash and third party claims. AADP™ holds contracts with hundreds of third parties, making the dispensing process fast and simple!

How do I determine what to charge my patients for their prescription?

If the patient has a prescription card it is recommended that you collect their normal co-payment. If they are a cash patient your practice will have the flexibility to charge patients based on the cost of the drug and the current market. AADP™ will work with your practice to determine how to maximize your revenue.

How will I receive claim reimbursements from the third parties?

In order to simplify payer remittance management through electronic delivery of third party payment and reconciliation AADP™ works with a payment management center that eliminates paper remittances and checks, making the reimbursement process easy, fast, and accurate. Funds will be deposited directly into your practice’s account within an average of just 10-14 days.

Will dispensing be time consuming?

It takes less than 5 minutes to dispense medication to your patient. Claims are adjudicated in seconds and a magnetic card reader allows for the quick and easy upload of a new patient’s personal information. With the significant reduction in pharmacy calls, in-office dispensing actually saves time while increasing profitability.

Who can assist in dispensing? Will I need to hire additional staff?

Rules will vary from state to state, however in most states your office staff is able to assist in the dispensing process under the supervision of a licensed dispensing physician. Determining the need for additional staff will be based on the volume and size of your practice. In smaller practices it is not usually necessary to hire additional staff. Larger practices often bring on a pharmacy technician to assist in the dispensing process.