Generate Additional Revenue

In-office dispensing can significantly increase profitability by adding a new source of revenue. Based on the number of patients seen and the number of prescriptions written a dispensing physician can earn more than $50,000 a year in additional revenue. Using our revenue forecast calculator you can estimate the potential income dispensing will create for your practice.

Patient Loyalty

With this additional level of care your practice will foster caring and compassionate relationships with your patients. With the rise in the implementation of on-site clinics in retail pharmacies and grocery stores, physician dispensing will help maintain patient loyalty.

Patient Compliance and Care Monitoring

Studies have estimated that 30-40% of prescribed medications go unfilled. By implementing in-office dispensing you will be able to monitor a patient’s treatment and prescription compliance. In-office dispensing respects patients’ time and will increase patient compliance with medication regimens.

Safety and Accuracy

Physician dispensing allows for a higher level of safety and accuracy. Six to eight percent of patients who receive medication from a pharmacy receive incorrect dosages or drugs. State regulatory boards have imposed harder restrictions for in-office dispensing which has resulted in a reduction of error rates in comparison to filling medication at a retail pharmacy.