The American Association of Dispensing Practitioners™ offers patients the safety and convenience of filling prescriptions right in the doctor’s office saving you time, discomfort, and frustrating trips to the pharmacy.


Patient Benefits


No more extra driving and waiting in line at the pharmacy! Don’t prolong your discomfort by going through the hassle of visiting your local pharmacy. Now you have the ability to meet with your physician and fill your prescriptions right in the doctor’s office.

Safety and Accuracy

Over 1.3 million people are injured and nearly 100,000 people die each year due to medication errors in pharmacies. State and Federal regulatory boards have given physician dispensing an extra level of safety and accuracy and has caused a reduction of error rates in comparison to receiving your medication from your retail pharmacy. These regulations have lead to a significant reduction in deaths, injuries, and unnecessary healthcare costs.

Confidentiality and Increased Patient Care

Your personal prescription drug records need to stay within the physician’s office, protecting your sensitive medical and prescription history. This also provides a private setting where you can feel comfortable asking personal questions. Additionally, your doctor will be able to closely monitor your progress and treatment, ensuring the best care and recovery.

Insurance Processing

Do you have prescription drug coverage? AADP™ allows for your physician to process prescriptions directly through your insurance in just seconds.


Patient FAQ

Can my doctor dispense?

As long as your physician is properly licensed in accordance with the regulations of your state, your doctor has the right to dispense medications to his/her patients.

Can I use my prescription drug insurance?

AADP’s™ system allows physicians to process prescriptions using your prescription insurance. This takes only seconds and ensures that you are receiving your medication at the lowest cost.

Will the cost of my prescription drugs increase?

If you are insured you will simply pay the co-payment determined by your insurance company, just like you would at a retail pharmacy. If you are uninsured the cost of the medication will be the same or often less than you would pay at your retail pharmacy. You don’t have to pay for convenience!

How can I suggest in-office dispensing to my physician?

Many physicians do not know about physician dispensing and the benefits it can add to their practice. Suggest in-office dispensing with AADP™ to your physician and enjoy the convenience and safety of receiving your prescriptions right at the time of your visit!